Best hotel deals in Cebu

Best hotel deals in Cebu

You can now find the best hotel deals in Cebu city, and the entire province, easily. This can include everything from 5 star hotels to bungalow style beach resorts and guesthouses. Just put your dates in either of the search boxes below and you will be redirected to a page where you can check availability and price. Very easy, right?

Agoda and are both constantly updated, in Agoda’s case this can every few minutes, and so are their respective deals. You are guaranteed to find the lowest and most competitive prices in town. Please do bear in mind that cheapest is not necessarily always the best so you should ensure you are comparing like for like deals. For example; cheaper options will often not include breakfast for additional over night guests or may have restrictions on linen changes etc.

One thing to note is that Agoda sells “capacity” whereas generally has flat rates. The standard prices will be very similar on both but only Agoda will have Flash Deals plus it has a FAR larger choice of hotels. Overall Agoda is quite comfortably the better option of the two although you may have to check back a few times to find the absolute best hotel deals that will suit you.

We have listed a few of the most popular hotels in the Cebu province are listed below but you can check over 500 hotels, pensions, resorts and guesthouses using the forms above.

Marriott Hotel Cebu City

Cebu Budget Hotel – City Center

Ritzy’s White Beach Resort and Restaurant

The Bellavista Hotel